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Repost: The Lady Killers*


*(A.K.A. How Not to Spouse)


12/22/17: I pride myself on my gift guides. I spend all year gathering the items therein, I carefully curate the lists,  and I firmly stand behind every hand-picked item in them. Today’s post is not one of those. If anything, this is an anti-gift guide.

In postwar America, the majority of women spent their days cooking and cleaning and making themselves appealing to their husbands. And what do you think the advertising world thought these hard-working women deserved, nay, desired for Christmas? Art? Theater tickets? Music? Jewelry? Or, heaven fore-fend, books? Nope. They convinced these idiotic husbands that what their wives wanted vacuums, electric mixers, girdles. GIRDLES. Seriously.

So gentlemen (and others) who are buying a gift – Christmas or otherwise – for your lady, please take the hint. No vacuums. No mixers. And absolutely no damned girdles.

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Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

10 thoughts on “Repost: The Lady Killers*

  1. When we first met I recall my OH telling me his Dad bought his Mum a vacuum for Christmas. I soon put him right on gift giving but sadly the damage was done and he’s never reached the lofty heights of my Dad who always found perfect gifts (and cards) for everyone.

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  2. I remember those days. I got my NEW wife (Jan) a sewing machine for her wedding gift. Her mother made all of the Bride and Bridemaid dresses. I thought she would be an expert using a sewing machine. As it turned out, she didn’t know how to turn one on. Today my daugher-in-law has it and uses it. Hal

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  3. I have had some of these myself. lol

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  4. amazing…. Such a different time, thank God 🙂

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