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Repost: Pregnancy Brain


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Meghna Shah

6/3/16: Three fifths of my department is currently either pregnant or on maternity leave, and my co-workers have my deepest sympathy. Though my girls are 26 and 33, I still vividly remember how it felt to carry them and all the stuff that came with having a new baby. While I, happily, am in the non-preggers minority (thank heaven!), the topics of pregnancy and life with babies are nonetheless much on my mind lately. So when I stumbled upon the website MommiePickles, it really caught my attention. Its creator, Meghna Shah, is clearly very much in tune with pregnant women and new mothers, and her sense of humor is candid and tart and pitch-perfect!

“Having a sense of humor is sometimes the only way to get through a rough day. That and alcohol.” -About Mommie Pickles

And in case 60% of your department is preggers, too, Mommie Pickles merch is also available on Zazzle!

The illustrations are by ‘Handmade By Radhika.’ All images and sayings property of Meghna Shah.

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5 thoughts on “Repost: Pregnancy Brain

  1. You have to have been there to understand.

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  2. Quentin Tarantino and a Disney movie!!! hahaha! Yes.

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