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This . . .



Davi Russo “Blue Valentine”

By now, we all have heard that Facebook’s news feed has an algorithm that filters out many dissenting posts and shows us mostly what it thinks we want to hear. This algorithm favors fake and misleading news that aligns with our belief systems over legitimate news that we maybe didn’t want to hear. There are even accusations that this algorithm may have affected last week’s election results. I almost hope that’s true. The tinfoil-hat rants from both sides of the aisle have been thick on the ground, especially for the last week. Were we always this crazy, or did Facebook make us crazier?

I’ve had to limit myself to a few minutes at a time because it’s all so contentious and distressing.

But today, Facebook delivered me what I can only call a peace offering.

One world. That’s what I dream of. Peace, my lovelies.


Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

16 thoughts on “This . . .

  1. Thank you. xoxoxo

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  2. My half sister and I used the same DNA serivce. We have the same father. My results and her results did not match up at all. We also knew that on her side there was some Native American and it did not show up. I have zero information on my mother’s side and was hoping to find some, but that never happened. I would not use the same service ever again. I also lost a lot of faith in any on-line DNA service. Just for the record it was I agree that this is a much smaller world than some think.

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    • Yike! That’s so odd. I have heard that people aren’t happy with their Ancestry results, but I understand their database is the most inclusive.

      Beloved and I are considering 23 and Me because their results are supposed to be more accurate and go into more depth.


      • I am 98% sure that my DNA and my half sister’s DNA was done by different labs. is just the middle man. I went with them because I have gotten nothing but really outstanding services from them. At the cost, I am not going to try any one of over ten different web sites offering DNS work. Again, I totally agree this world is not as huge as we used to think before personal DNA became available. If I win a lottery, I would go with National Geographic. Again, just because of their rep. I don’t think there is any standard for personal DNA and I guess there are some labs better than some others.

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      • I’m sure that’s true. Clearly, there needs to be some regulating of the standards for DNA testing. At any rate. I love the idea that each successive generation is a further blending of the races. Certainly, we don’t want to lose individual cultures, but the idea that we’re more similar than different could go a long way to encouraging peace.


      • Just in my lifetime, I have seen major changes. No longer is a ‘mixed marriage’ looked down on like it was. Gays are open and no longer hiding. I think the one area that I am somewhat disappointed in is Religion. Why are Religions fighting each other all over the globe? This is a beautiful group but we are a minority in the world. I hope we get a US Government that will do their best to stop the senseless violence going in the some cities. At the same time, peaceful protests should also be protected. It took 76 years to get to where we are today and we still have a long way to go. We need a none lethal method to replace the police guns to stop a law breaker. Not sure how we got from DNA to here. So I hope Donna does not think that I am stepping over the line. Will some day in the future will skin color not make a difference? Will our DNA continue to merge?

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  3. Thanks for a beautiful reminder. One world, one people.

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  4. I am a family historian so this popped up in my news feed a couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed seeing people’s reactions to learning that their perceptions of their identity differed from what their DNA informed them about their identities. As a family historian, I have been tempted to have my own DNA tested. It won’t tell me anything about the people who populate my tree, of course, or add any flesh to the bones in the way that interesting anecdotes and archival material do but it could be interesting to see what I can learn about my DNA that predates the documented records on my family history. It would be quite a chunk from my budget though and my suspicion is that my pie chart would not be very interesting, just plain old vanilla northern European.

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  5. Nice peace offering from the Facebook.

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