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Everyday Steampunk



Dmytriy & Aleksandra Bragin/ArtCreativeHands

Dmytriy and Aleksandra Bragin make everyday items – notebooks, photo albums, even bow ties – out of recycled wood, metal, plastic, and glass. Granted, there are plenty of other sellers on Etsy who do the same, but the Bragins’ items are constructed with a distinctly steampunk flair. Decorated with gears and lenses and handmade creatures and other embellishments, each item has a lot going on, but the elements are so artfully combined that the finished piece feels cohesive and not at all thrown together.

The Bragins also make gorgeous masks and helmets, but it’s really their more functional items that I’m most obsessed with. I really wish I worked in a place where I could display the desk organizer above. Maybe instead of bringing it to work, I need it for my vanity holding makeup brushes… At the very least, I have to figure out who needs one of those bow ties. Brilliant!

Check out the Bragins on Facebook and in their Etsy shop, ArtCreativeHands.

All images property of Dmytriy & Aleksandra Bragin/ArtCreativeHands, used with permission.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

29 thoughts on “Everyday Steampunk

  1. that skull for make-up brushes, front and center on my dresser—oh, yes!

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  2. While I am not into the whole skull thing – I would put this on my makeup area!

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  3. What do you mean, someone who needs a tie like that? Doesn’t everyone?
    Maybe you should do restaurant/club design. I think you could help most places get out of the funk they are in and make things a bit more whimsical.

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  4. Cat mask are what truly send me. Intriguing and oh so intricate. ~~dru~~

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  5. Wow, intricate stuff! This would be right up my son-in-law’s alley, he’s a very dark writer a la Stephen King. Am sending him link to this! xo

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  6. The skull for brushes. Love.

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  7. I love that Skull 💀🖤💀

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  9. I’m not really into the steampunk look, but these are pretty cool.

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  10. Wow! And wow again. I need to show this post to my 10 year old Steampunk nut son. He will love it. He’s really got me into the whole Steampunk aesthetic too. I don’t own anything Steampunk but I really appreciate the look of it and the skill of assembling the components. I know from his Etsy searches that there’s a lot of crappy and mediocre Steampunk stuff out there. These pieces are at the other end of the spectrum, however. Completely sublime.

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  11. really appreciable

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  12. Love the jewelry boxes. Can’t decide between the scorpion and the dragon.

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