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Ready, Set, Summer! An IRL Etsy Adventure



I mentioned last week that I was going to go to the “Ready, Set, Summer” Etsy craft market pop-up. I wanted to share with you some of the wonderful items I saw and makers I met. And as usual, I bought way more than I meant to. (I don’t call it Etsomnia for nothing!)

1. First up is Titiluli. They make hand-screen-printed textile goods, and I was immediately drawn to their beautiful, simple, charming graphics. In a rare flash of practicality, I bought a Rosie the Riveter tote bag from them to stow the rest of my treasures in. (The first photo is mine, the other two are from the seller’s website.)

2. Next up was WallCoJr, who sold prints and original paintings by artist Erin McGill. McGill also wrote and illustrated a very cool children’s book, I Do Not Like Al’s Hat. I was obsessed with that pigeon. I can’t quite piece together why I didn’t buy it.

3. And speaking of pigeons, when I got to the booth with ResetReality‘s artwork, I was unable to resist buying a pigeon print. They produce prints of their fascinating, realistic birds and also really beautiful abstract figural paintings that reminded me a bit of Alice in Wonderland.

4. RothbyrnsCreative, headed up by Danielle Rothman, had a booth positively filled with gorgeous, hand-embossed and calligraphied paper goods including prints, notebooks, and cards. I got to talking to Rothman, and her passion for her art really came through. In addition to her pre-made items, she loves doing wedding invitations and other custom items as well. You can ask her about custom work on Instagram. (The photo in the top right corner below is from the Etsy shop.)

5. When I encountered the booth filled with VioletRae‘s jewelry, I was completely blown away. There was something so beautifully organic about them, I was sorely tempted. I’ve bookmarked the ring I tried on (and a few other things to boot), and they will certainly be making an appearance on my gift list! (The first image is me trying on the ring. The other images belong to the shop.)

6. ArtologieDesigns was up next, and I was really fascinated by their jewelry which is artfully constructed from recycled zipper parts. (The first two photos are mine, and the closeup of the zipper choker on the model belongs to the shop.)

7. In case you didn’t already know this about me, jewelry is my Achilles heel. So when I got to the booth featuring work by Saskia de Vries (SDVDesigns), I was a goner. I’m wearing my new SDV necklace and earrings as I type this. The artist told me her jewelry is in various museum shops, and I wasn’t at all surprised. These are my new favorite pieces! (The first two pics are mine, the third is from the website where she does most of her sales.)

8. Next, I came to AdornmentsNYC. Had I not just satisfied my need for jewelry, I would have been in trouble again. I was really intrigued by designer Martin Lopez’s use of vintage findings and elements. (The first two pictures are mine, the third is from Etsy.)

9. After escaping the jewelry section, I spent some more time exploring the illustrators and artists. This is the delicate, striking embroidered paper work by KotoDesigns. Though I kind of tried, I wasn’t able to resist the charms of their tiny bicycle-embroidered notebooks. Believe me, if you saw this artist’s pieces in person, you’d walk away with something, too! (I tried to get a good picture of the Chrysler Building piece, but I just couldn’t, so I’m using their photo. The others are mine.)

10. DivisionDesigns had some really spectacular typography and illustration designs. I’m a total sucker for anything about New York, and they cleverly brought with them plenty of NY-centric items to tempt me! (The first two pics are mine, the third is theirs.)

11. I was quite literally stopped in my tracks when I spotted the booth full of colorful creatures by LaMuseKalliope. I’ll certainly be back for their quirky, fanciful beings every time I have a little one to buy for!

12. Next, I stopped by JumpingBirds‘ booth. They make very likable children’s wearables (and stickers). The first photo is mine, and the others are from the Etsy shop.

13. NYCVinylDreams is an absolute treasure trove of perfect NYC gifts. We were headed to a party after the show, so I picked up one for the birthday boy, and grabbed a little something for us, too! You can purchase either a handpainted vinyl LP or CD or one decorated with their equally-striking, NYC-themed vinyl decals. These things are hot!

14. And now, here’s where the wheels came off the bus. I was running out of time when I got to this lovely seller’s booth, and somehow, I neither got a card nor took a photo of the company’s name. If anyone knows who this is, please let me know. She was so nice, and so were her rings!

UPDATE: Thanks to Jennifer and Wade from NYCVinylDreams, I now know that the mystery seller is LornaEllis!

Clearly, there were many Etsy sellers that I missed, but I got kind of caught up talking to the makers above. And anyway, I still got to see plenty of amazing things. It really was a great day. Can’t wait for their next event!

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

16 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Summer! An IRL Etsy Adventure

  1. How fun! We have a Saturday Market here, but it’s nothing like this.

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  2. surely enjoyable

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  3. Donna, great post! ‘Ready, Set, Summer’ was such a fun market. Thank you so much for featuring my shop and the very talented Etsy vendors from the NY Handmade Collective. You made my day!

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  4. This is definitely getting linked to Creative Juice next week. Lovely!

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  5. What a fun post! Thank you for including my little shop and all the wonderful NYH collective vendors!

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