What if you spent every day looking for One Beautiful Thing?



Item: Kraken Pirate Bed
Price: $14,000
Reason: Because I want my grandkids to love me most

Today is my birthday, and I have reached the stage where I can honestly say that I don’t need anything! I know how blessed I am, believe me.

However… (it’s me, so you knew there was a but coming, right?), if I had unlimited space, money were not an issue, and all the world’s ills were sorted out, here are the stupid, gratuitously expensive things I’d buy. Go ahead and judge me. I am fully aware of how ridiculous and impractical this list is.

No Etsomnia™ this week. Instead of making Etsy sellers wail and rend their (hideous) garments, I’m sharing with you my if-I-come-back-as-a-spoiled-brat list. Let the festival of obscene (fictional) consumption begin!

Item: Super-duper luxury dressing room
Price: $75,000+
Reason: Because I can’t possibly cram Elie Saab, Carolina Herrera, and Gucci in the closet next to my extensive collection of Old Navy clearance items

Item: Bel & Bel Italian Scooter Chair
Price: $2,000
Reason: Because winning!

Item: Judith Lieber Skull Purse
Price: $5,500
Reason: I already told you. Judith Lieber Skull Purse. Duh.

Item: Trampoline/Bungee Thing
Price: Unknown
Reason: Because it looks like the most fun EVER

Item: Cubic Jellyfish Aquarium
Price: $3,500
Reason: Who doesn’t need a giant iPhone filled with jellyfish?

Item: Victorian Diamond Tiara
Price: $20,000
Reason: Because…

Item: Water Fly Board/Jet Pack
Price: $10,000
Reason: Because this. Note: Since these things are understandably destructive to natural ecosystems, I’ll also need a man-made lagoon on which to play…

Item: 1930’s Louis Vuitton 30-Pair Shoe Steamer Trunk
Price: $55,000
Reason: Because shoes

Item: Inflatable Irish Pub
Price: $3,000
Reason: Think of the parties!

Item: Jaguar XK120 Mini Roadster
Price: $20,000
Reason: You’d look like a giant!. Also, $20K for a Jaguar roadster seems like a pretty good deal

Item: Antique Asian Wedding Bed
Price: $8,000
Reason: Where better to smoke your luxury hookah?

Item: Savannah Cat
Price: $20,000
Reason: If you’re going to be a rich crazy cat lady, you may as well get the best cats!

Item: Rotating Sun Lounger With Integrated Water Spritzer
Price: $45,000
Reason: Because when you spend your time day drinking by the pool, repositioning your chair is just too much work….

Item: Effie the Ironing Machine
Price: $918
Reason: If I can’t be bothered to stand up and move my own chair, you don’t seriously expect me to iron, do you?

Item: Vintage Penny Arcade Fortune Teller Machine
Price: $10,000 and up
Reason: Don’t you want one, too?

Item: Hippo Sofa (Important note: not made from hippos)
Price: $95,000
Reason: I think it would be slimming

Item: Two-Tier Hot Tub With Bar and Flat-Screen TV
Price: $60,000 (Which doesn’t seem that outrageous considering it’s bigger than my apartment)
Reason: Do you really need to ask?

Now it’s your turn. What kind of lazy-ass, frivolous, one-percenter bullshit would you buy?

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

38 thoughts on “Shameless

  1. Happy Birthday! So many awesome choices!

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  2. Happ Happy birthday, Donna! Gold played and diamond encrusted mobile phones are on top of my list and a Rolex a day for a week doesn’t sound bad too!

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  3. First, let me wish you a very Happy Birthday my friend. I like it when you go wild. Your imaginary lifestyle is fun to read. No judging though from me. I think I will reply to you in a proper way with a post of my own… Have a great day Donna!

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  4. happy birthday! all your choices are fabulous; i especially enjoyed watching the clip of “big bang theory!”

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  5. Happy Birthday, Donna! I’m still looking over these fabulous options, but as soon as I choose the right one for you, it will be on its way to you. Via the imaginary delivery system. Paid for by my imaginary limitless credit card.

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  6. I definitely would like the fortune teller–where would I put it? Who cares!!

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  7. So many fabulous choices. I think I’ll copy your choices. I don’t think I could top any of them. 🙂 But if money is no object, I would definitely want one of those floating homes with an underwater glass bedroom. It’s only 1.8 million. 🙂 My husband said no way but I would love it!

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  8. 😀a very very happy birthday. Wish you to get all and more of them.

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  9. Happy birthday Donna. This is soooo fun! Thank you for a lot of chuckles and a few good belly laughs!

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  10. The pirate bed: I totally get it. Happy birthday!

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  11. Happy Birthday! What a great selection of lavish wish list items. I was enjoying the entire selection and then I saw that ironing machine and decided that we definitely needed to start getting more ‘The Jetsons’ about domestic chores because I am all for robots that do ironing, dusting, and vacuuming. (Yes, I know roombas are already a thing but until the robot can also pick up all the crap my kids leave lying all over the floor then the vacuum capability is of no blinking use to me). My 12 year old is going to want that blingy skull purse because he loves sparkles and skulls and he could fill it with Lego minifigures. I love the shoe trunk but would fill it not with shoes but with all sorts of little odds and ends.

    So if I had an endless money pot and had done all manner of good deeds with it, I think what I would most like to lavish on myself is the gift of travel. I would love to be in a position where I could just drop everything and go anywhere I fancied on a whim.

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  12. Ha ha Happy Birthday Donna, I’ve taken the liberty of popping all of the above onto my own wishlist should I ever win the lottery. Great fun post. Love it.

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  13. Dear god, I actually paused at the jellyfish aquarium. Until the last deal of maintenance reared its practical head.

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  14. Happy Birthday to you, my friend and still favourite person on WP. I hope it was an amazing day full of fun.
    As for my frivolous purchases
    that crystal pool table you featured a while back–because it was awesome
    A Pinarello Dogma bicycle–because it costs more than my car
    a whole mess of pinball machines
    the complete set of Park Tools (for the bicycle) which I can’t actually use, but would look awesome in my bike repair room

    I hope the birthday celebrations continue well into the weekend.

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  15. Lol!
    You really are shameless😂

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  16. Happy birthday by the way. I nearly forgot.

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  17. Happy birthday! I’d want a chauffeur! Like Jeeves. 🙂

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  18. Happy Birthday (Late) I’d buy a town.

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