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Right Place/Right Time


Stefan Draschan

Like many artists, Stefan Draschan can often be found hanging around in museums. However, the clever photographer is not just there to view art; he’s also there to make it. This is his incredibly satisfying project called “People Matching Artworks” wherein the French photographer captures perfect pairings of art and admirer. Even were they staged, they’d be fantastic photos! Although Draschan claims to hang around and wait for these happy accidents to occur, I have a sneaking suspicion that when he spots someone dramatically dressed, he may follow them around until they hit just the right artwork. That’s certainly what I would do. However he achieves them, he’s got a great eye, and a terrific sense of humor, and his photos are great fun to look at.

You can check out Draschan’s hundreds of clever photos on his website.

All images property of Stefan Draschan.stefan 9stefan 1stefan 1bstefan 3stefan 4stefan 2stefan 4astefan 4bstefan 5stefan 5astefan 6stefan 7astefan 8stefan 8astefan 8bstefan 9astefan 10stefan 11

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

17 thoughts on “Right Place/Right Time

  1. These are fantastic–each one is very clever; what an eye he has. Will be visiting his website–thanks for sharing!

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  2. I wonder if any of those were combined using a program like Photoshop or did he sit there hour after hour waiting maybe days for the right person to stand near the painting. Eighter way, each one is very interesting. Hal

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  3. good job. creating a niche for himself as a talented photogtapher.

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  4. Goodness…….He also has a keen knowledge of what is on the wall in order to match.

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  5. These are SO satisfying to look at. I wonder what his success rate is. Does he ever have a day where nobody matches a painting? Does he ever target someone and stalk them and then finds that they never stand in front of the painting he needs them to?

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