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Pi(e) Day


A Beautiful Mess

Gather ’round, lovelies. It’s story time.

Years ago, Beloved and I were living with a good friend who had recently lost her mother. The friend’s mother collected fine antique furniture and had left it to her daughter. The catch was that roomie needed to go home to rural Colorado to collect it. Her plan was to fly home, have a quick visit with her family, then throw the furniture in a Uhaul, and drive back to Brooklyn. We couldn’t let her do all this alone, so we offered to join her.

The plan was that Beloved and our friend were going to share the driving. Though I do not drive, I am great with maps and offered to serve as navigator*/DJ/rodeo clown.
*This was in the days before GPS, when a navigator was actually a thing and maps were printed on large, ungainly paper.

At some point during the planning of the trip, we decided that because we weren’t in a big hurry (and wanted to entertain ourselves), we would stop in small towns on the way home and sample and rate the local diner’s pies. The trip was dubbed Pie Across America, and we took it very seriously. If the diner had 6 kinds of pie, we ordered a slice of each. We each tried the ones that interested us and wrote our reviews in the communal Pie Journal. Our rating system was thus: pies were rated on a stretchy-pants scale: a rating of 1 pair of stretchy pants meant it wasn’t worth the calories and 10 pairs meant the pie positively otherworldly, pie of the gods, if you will. The overall winner was at a diner in the mountains in Colorado. It was a tart cherry pie served with homemade cinnamon ice cream. I still have dreams about it…

I’ve long since lost the journal, though my memories of the trip still entertain me. What I have retained, though, is my love for pie. So today, Pi Day, is all about beautiful pie designs. Is the idea original? No, not very. But it gave me a chance to relive my trip, so let me have my fun.

Unfortunately, I can’t talk about these pies’ flavor, but they sure are pretty!

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

25 thoughts on “Pi(e) Day

  1. Amazing! They are works of art. I’d feel bad cutting into one but I absolutely would because pie is delicious. I love your story about the pie trip and journal. Maybe my kids should do something similar when we are on road trips.

    We’ve sadly never been able to do pi(e) day. In the UK, there is no date for 3/14 because we write dates D/M/Y of course. And now we live in America we don’t do it because today is my husband’s birthday so dessert is cake.

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  2. What a wonderful road trip! Love the pie rating bit. I think I shall use this in my continued pursuit of the best ice cream in the world. Thanks for the laughs.

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  3. What a great road trip. I remember being a navigator and my dad insisting that all 4 of us learn how to read a map, something I’ve always been grateful for. In our family the pie of choice IS a cherry pie, with cherries we pick ourselves at an orchard where we’ve been going since I was 10. These days, when I go to pick cherries, mostly alone, I look for my family among the trees. It’s a sad/happy thing for me. Last year my husband gave my sister a ceramic pie plate with 3.14…..(and all the rest of the #s) around the rim. She’s a math teacher so it all fit together. Pie, all forms of it, are an intricate part of my family.

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  4. Talent come in a lot of forms. These are grand.

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  5. Those pies look too good to eat – beautiful decoration.

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  6. Great story! Thanks a bunch, you got me salivating now! 😀 The best piece of pie I ever had was in the summer of 1977 (that’s how good it was, that I still remember!) – it was blueberry, in a restaurant of a little country inn, southeast of Montreal. Warmed up, with lovely vanilla ice cream. Ah, those were the days when I didn’t care so much about my waistline…

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  7. Reading maps is way, way better for the brain cells than GPS. Better for the blood pressure too, I suspect. And you’ve inspired me to be a whole lot more creative next time I bake a pie.


  8. Love this story. Guess what? The son we’re 95% likely to be able to adopt was born today. 🙂 How about that?!

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  9. I LOVE that story and I adore all these pies. Pies are the one thing I never could conquer when I was a baker. It will probably forever elude me lol. ❤

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    • I’m no good at baking either. I’m a great instinctive, creative cook (though my food is always ugly), but baking is too much measuring and too many rules for me. I’m glad someone responds well to those things, but it sure isn’t me!


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