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Succulent Art


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We started working on our house last weekend, trying to get it ready so we can move back in. It’s so late in the season, and we have so much still to do in the house, I grudgingly conceded that my little garden is going to have to continue to go untended until I can get myself together in the fall. But though my planters are full of weeds and most of my perennials gave up the ghost after two seasons of inattention, when I went poking around underneath the weeds, I found to my delight that both my carpet and stonecrop sedum varieites are still holding their own. It made me feel a lot less disoriented to see something I planted hanging in there. Thank goodness for succulents!

Etsy maker Julia of SucculentArtWorks creates beautiful, unexpected, 3-dimensional living works of art. She describes her home of San Marcos, California, as the succulent capital of the world. I’m not sure that’s true, but her plants are certainly gorgeous! She turns them into all kinds of intriguing shapes including wreaths, custom-made vertical planters, kokedama, and cake toppers, but it’s her living wedding bouquets and boutonnieres that I find especially lovely. Imagine a wedding keepsake that you can watch grow and thrive for years after the big day. They make me want to go back in time so I can carry one of her wonderful bouquets at my wedding.

In addition to creating beautiful living decorative pieces, Julia teaches classes in succulent growing and design. That would be a fun class!

You can see all of Julia’s beautiful work in her Etsy shop and on Facebook and Instagram.

All images property of SucculentArtWorks, used with permission.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

15 thoughts on “Succulent Art

  1. These are gorgeous! I love succulents..they are the only plant I can keep alive longer then a week! ;p ❤

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  2. They do seem to be popular even in paper art forms. She does a wonderful job of making them” something for every one.”

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  3. I love succulents! I seriously have an obsession with them. Her arrangements are lovely! 🙂

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  4. These are all gorgeous. My brother doesn’t want flowers for his wedding because he (and I) have terrible allergies and I suggested succulents for him and his partner to have as buttonholes and we groomsmaids to have as small bouquets. He couldn’t quite envisage those looking attractive enough. I am going to send him the links and see if I can persuade him.

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  5. Hi, Thank you for the great shout out on your blog! just a quick correction, some of the photos on my Instagram are reposts, please see my instagram @SucculentArtWorks for full info on each photo, and follow me for a chance to will free succulent art giveaways!


  6. I want to get married again so I can use a bouquet made of succulents!

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  7. Gorgeous, yes, but – don’t they have to be watered at *some* point??

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