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Heart-Pumping Playlist


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Photo by Curtis Gregory Perry on / CC BY-NC-SA

Our nephew is an EMT, and when he told me that when performing CPR, keeping the BeeGees’ Stayin’ Alive chorus in your head would ensure that your chest compression timing was correct, I was amazed. I thought it was a clever idea, but I confess I kind of though he made it up. Then I came across today’s thing. New York Presbyterian Hospital, known for its cardiac unit, maintains a CPR playlist on Spotify. The playlist contains only songs of between 100 and 120 beats per minute, the optimal rate for hands-only CPR.

Of course, the playlist includes the BeeGees song above, but it’s got something for everyone, with a wide range of artists from Simon & Garfunkel (Cecelia) to Notorious B.I.G. (Notorious B.I.G. feat. Lil’ Kim & Puff Daddy) to Lady Gaga (Just Dance).

F.Y.I., I thought I’d include some basic CPR instructions to go with the playlist, but when I started to type “how to perform CPR” into Google and I got to the word “perform,” Google suggested “how to perform an exorcism.” That’s a post for another day…

In case you don’t want to sign up for Spotify, here are the songs currently in the playlist. It would make a pretty solid party mix as well!

spotify 1spotify 2spotify 3spotify 4spotify 5spotify 6

You can play the playlist here, and I recommend you follow the hospital’s on-point Twitter feed.

I hope you’ll never need these resources, but if you aren’t CPR trained and would like the basics, here’s a good, quick overview from

Author: Donna from MyOBT

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10 thoughts on “Heart-Pumping Playlist

  1. You just never know when you might need this.

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  2. This is a great list, and a wonderful public service post!

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  3. I had to use it four times. Thanks for making this important post. hal

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  4. Brilliant! That is such a great tip. I know several of those songs well so can deploy them if ever needed. I am actually doing my annual CPR training on Thursday so I will be humming Staying Alive as I do the chest compressions.

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  5. Heart and Soul is a great one too, along with Staying Alive! Yes, a genre for everyone on that list.

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