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Gunnel Sahlin

One of Sweden’s foremost glass artists, Gunnel Sahlin spent 22 years as the designer for the prestigious Kosta Boda glassworks. Sahlin grew up appreciating pop art, and her gorgeous, organic-looking pieces are inspired by nature. The artist gets many of her design ideas while walking the forest which surrounds her converted school house home in Sörmland.

In school, Sahlin studied textiles. She was initially hired by the Swedish glass giant Kosta Boda to design textiles for a new home accessories line they were exploring. The line was eventually scrapped, but in the meantime, Sahlin grew fascinated by glass work and took a few classes. Impressed with her fresh eye, Kosta Boda moved her over to their glass department, where she rose quickly through the ranks, making a name for herself by approaching glass in a different way. Because the artist hadn’t studied glass, she didn’t know the accepted conventions, and so ignored them. Her unexpected departures formed some of the most memorable and iconic pieces Kosta Boda ever produced.

You can follow Gunnel Sahlin on her website and Instagram, and many of her glass pieces can be found for sale on Etsy and Ebay.

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Nu visar jag nytt glas på Svenskt Tenn

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