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Singing in the Ice



Singing in the Rain is tied (with Young Frankenstein) for my number 1 movie of all time. I never tire of it – the music, the dancing, the design, all of it makes me deeply happy and reminds me of some of my best days. This year, in time for the holidays, Burberry has reimagined an iconic moment from the film with a brilliant modern twist.

“This campaign is about looking forwards, looking to the future—inspired by youth, it brings together a community of different talents and worlds as one. United by passion, commitment and love, this campaign is a celebration of their dreams, of exploring and of always going beyond. It’s about that fearless spirit and imagination when pushing boundaries.

“This year has been tough for us all, so we wanted to push the [rain] metaphor and transform the rain to ice blocks. We changed the narrative from a single character to a group of friends because going through the adversity is a thing that we’d better do together,”

– Riccardo Tisci, Burberry Chief Creative Officer

Featuring photography by Rafael Pavarotti and styling by Ibrahim Kamara, the commercial’s version of the title song from Singing in the Rain is recorded by Lank & Tank, and while it can’t hold a candle to the original, it’s still quite listenable. And danceable, apparently, though how those dancers don’t break their lovely long necks, I can’t imagine. Brilliantly, Burberry’s ad feels more like a short film than a sales pitch. I guess that’s why they get paid the big bucks!

You can check out Burberry’s beautiful luxury wares on their website.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

10 thoughts on “Singing in the Ice

  1. That’s rather good though not a patch on the original

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  2. I totally enjoyed it. Thanks, Donna. Hal

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  3. Good grief.! all that ice ‘falling’.

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  4. I both love this and was SO NERVOUS about all the ice!!!

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  5. Amazing! I loved it!

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