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Toy Boat! Toy Boat! Toy Boat!


I’m crazed this week, so no Etsomnia this week. Instead, we have something thoroughly adorable, AND good for the planet! These are the beautiful, lovable boat sculptures by Wendy Marciano. Wendy’s Boats are created from 100% recycled, reclaimed, and/or found materials.

“What is trash to some is absolute treasure to me; when I find the small rusty bits I create with, I don’t see discarded waste. I see portholes and propellers and masts, and each thing I pick up is an inspiration for a new creation. My studio is based in Connecticut and the majority of my treasures come from the coast and streets of New England. Growing up with regular visits to the coasts of Rhode Island and St. Martin, the ocean has become a place of comfort to me. I have thought about making robots or rocket ships with my treasures, but I always find my mind piecing each bit together into a boat or a fish.”

– Wendy Marciano, About Wendy’s Boats

In addition to the adorable items on her website and Etsy shop, Wendy is responsible for creating unique trophies for the New England Chowdafest, the top tourist event in New England. I might need to get myself to that one!

You can follow and shop for Wendy’s Boats on her website and on Instagram and Etsy. And you can check out the New England Chowdafest on the event’s website.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

6 thoughts on “Toy Boat! Toy Boat! Toy Boat!

  1. cute and very creative.

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  2. Lovely stuff. My Dad loves rustic and whimsical nautical art so he would love these. I always marvel at the minds of creative people who can look at a collection of found objects and construct something aesthetically pleasing out of the pile.

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  3. Very interesting. I still love all of the US Navy ships but one of these would work great in my bathroom – Hal

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