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G-Rated Fun


Our bachelor’s craving a wife,
But he can’t talk to girls in real life.
He addresses a picture
Of his buddy’s sister.
(That’s what they did before Skype.)
—Wendy Hyrkas, De Pere, Wisconsin

I have written before about the art featured in The Saturday Evening Post, but one of its best-loved current features is the magazine’s limerick contest! Every other month, The Post puts up one of its wonderful vintage illustrations, and anyone may enter by sending a limerick that fits the image. The winning limerick and a selection of favorite honorable mentions are then posted in connection with each issue.

You can enter the limerick contest on The Saturday Evening Post contest page and you can see some more of the winners in their limerick archive.

Now, onto the G-rated fun! Below are a few of the images along with my favorite of the limerick submissions.

The lad in this old illustration
By now would have reached life’s cessation,
But don’t be upset:
I’m willing to bet
That he didn’t die of starvation.
—David Friedman, Coral Springs, Florida
This dog may seem like he is nice,
But I beg of you, take this advice:
Don’t trust his big eyes.
You may think it’s all lies,
But he’s bitten the mailman. Twice.
—Gigi Notario, Longmony, Colorado
Miss Prude is a person who loathes
Nude swimmers who utter foul oaths.
So it pleased her no end
When she saw Man’s Best Friend
Had peed upon everyone’s clothes.
—Bob Turvey, Stoke Bishop, Bristol, United Kingdom
I was hoping to read here in peace,
But their incessant giggling won’t cease.
I gave them a look
Then went back to my book
’Cause that girl he’s with looks like my niece.
—Mike Arndt, Clements, Maryland
Show Dad my report? No, he’ll hate it.
I need an excuse; I’ll create it.
I’ll hide it someplace
And not leave a trace,
And then tell my dad, “The dog ate it!”
—Joan Quick, Hyde Park, New York
There was a young lady named Mary,
Who guarded her precious canary
From cats acting curious
Whose motives were spurious —
Their sole aim was alimentary.
—Jim Johnston, Poland, Ohio
Of all the unfortunate luck,
Hot weather had finally struck.
Poor Robert and Casey!
If only the AC
Was working inside their own truck.
—Neal Levin, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Little Missy believed it was true
That her life was a rom-com debut,
But since she could infer
All those hearts weren’t for her,
Then this must be the start of Act Two!
—Lance Burri, Baraboo, Wisconsin

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

11 thoughts on “G-Rated Fun

  1. Super cute and fun to read. Enjoyed it – Hal

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  2. Some very talented writers out there!

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  3. i love how much story and character is packed into the illustrations. And the limericks are fun, too! I feel the need to make a lime*rick* Rick-roll joke here, tho.

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  4. Fun..back to the good ole days.

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