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Embroidered Menagerie


Laura McGarrity

A while back, I wrote about an artist whose possesses impressive skill with French knot embroidery. Today, we’re lookin at an artist who mixes her techniques and stitches to form beautiful, life-like animal portraits. Embroidery artis Laura McGarrity is self taught, which positively blows my mind. The Washington State native tried various types of fiber-based arts before settling on embroidery, but her beautiful animal portraits feel like she was always destined to make art using hoops and colorful thread. McGarrity’s work is surprisingly painterly, and she’s an absolute master at creating believable textures using just stitches and knots.

“Animals are a very traditional subject, so I like adding my own ‘flavor’ to a piece by reinterpreting them with different palettes. I still feel like I’m learning the craft, so I like creating things using a variety of stitches and techniques. I think there’s a very natural connection between embroidering and painting. Just as you create an image with paint—stroke by stroke, with one color at a time—you embroider the same way, slowly building up an image stitch by stitch with one color of thread at a time.”

– Laura McGarrity

As with painting, McGarrity reports she starts her work with the lowlights, then builds her colors on top, giving her work remarkable depth.

You can see all of Laura McGarrity’s amazing embroidery art on Instagram.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

16 thoughts on “Embroidered Menagerie

  1. I think it is awesome how she tried many fabric arts before deciding to go with this niche animal embroidery!
    What talent
    Thanks for sharing

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  2. Well the snow monkey is just wild. Very creative.

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  3. Oh, that little shrimp! These are all pretty darn terrific.

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  4. These are all amazing! They really are like illustrations but with the added texture provided by the embroidery. I think her choice of stitch and colour is fabulous. I really love all the rainbow abstract ones but I think my favourite is the tiger.

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  5. I am quite a fan of embroidery and her work is fabulous. I plan to start watching some videos on French knot embroidery as I wasn’t aware of it.

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  6. I join with everybody. I love all of them. I kept changing my mind about which one I liked the most. Finally just gave up and loved all of them. For different reasons, all of them are very enjoyable to look at. Hal

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  7. I love all the unexpected colors as well as the viewpoint for the tiger. So fun to look at. Thanks!:)

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