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Wedding Crashers


maroonAdam Levine of Maroon 5 can pretty much go where he wants to. Nonetheless, on December 6, 2014, he and the band (and a sizeable camera crew) drove all over L.A., crashing weddings, surprising the brides and grooms and, presumably all assembled, to shoot their music video for their new single “Sugar.” The song is pretty solid, but honestly, my near-obsessive rewatchings have been to enjoy the honest and adorable reactions on the faces of the shocked couples. (My favorite bride is at 3:20.) It’s like watching lottery winners at the instant they realize they’ve hit the jackpot.

I have been enjoying myself wondering what would have happened if they’d shown up at a wedding where no one recognized them. If that happened, it didn’t make it into the video (though if I had been directing, it certainly would have!)

Was it staged? Apparently, not all of it. According to internet buzz, at least two of the weddings were real and the bride and groom had no idea the band was coming (including my fave WTF bride). Okay, yes, one of the staged weddings features an already-married actor, and someone pointed out that it would be essentially impossible to get all the shots and angles they managed of guests, dancing, etc. without stopping everything to set up equipment.

I don’t care. It’s fun and it makes me feel good!

Author: Donna from MyOBT

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13 thoughts on “Wedding Crashers

  1. With all my parents’ friends and older relatives at my wedding, I’d be suspicious few would have recognized them.

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  2. They can Crash mine if I ever get married:)

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  3. Excellent! Could bar mitzvahs be far behind???

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