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The Summer of Altoids


minty 4

Heidi Annalise

These are the adorable miniature paintings inside used mint tins by Heidi Annalise. You know how I love tiny things, and I’ll bet these affordable, wee masterpieces smell great, too! Annalise quit her Washington, D.C. government job (can you blame her?) and returned to her native Colorado to find her bliss. And boy, has she ever found it!

” Floating between realism and impressionism, my artwork adds an element of fantasy to the natural world with heightened colors and simplified shapes. By bringing glimpses of nature into our indoor environments, we can soak up these extraordinary vistas on all of our more ordinary days, and remind ourselves to go exploring whenever we can.”

Annalise was inspired to start painting mint tins by one of her favorite artists, Glenn Dean, who uses Altoids tins to test his works before painting them on a larger canvas.

With 50K+ followers and many happy customers, this artist is living her dream and making the world a cuter, better-smelling place. I have only one question. What does she do with all those mints?

You can follow Annalise on her website, blog, and Instagram, and you can buy her darling, minty paintings on Etsy.

All images property of Heidi Annalise

minty 0aminty 1minty 1aminty 2minty 3minty 5minty 5aminty 6minty 7minty 8minty 8aminty 8bminty 9minty 9aminty 10minty 11


Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

15 thoughts on “The Summer of Altoids

  1. An altoid tin is a great idea for a travel palette with built-in mini easel. I am always impressed by people who can paint at that scale. I definitely cannot. I actually have a few altoid tins that my kids and I are going to customise at some point. We just have not decided on our method yet. It might be a rainy day winter project.

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  2. Wonderful paintings and on that scale, really amazing.

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  3. Are these your own paintings? They are absolutely amazing!

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  4. I love the shots where the painting is lined up just right so that the background scenery which is blocked by the tin is filled in by the painting!

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  5. I really liked these and how she displayed them all is fabulous!

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  6. These are amazing. Love the photos of the original outdoor scene with the miniature in front. Really really good.

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  7. When I was young, any piece of paper that came into the house got recycled into paper for drawing on. Though I never equalled these gems, I kind of understand the mindset that created them–or at least hope I do.

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