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A Warm Welcome



30+ years ago, I was having a party in my house in Jersey City. I think it was my 22nd or 23rd birthday. I invited a friend I knew from my commute; let’s call him David. He said he would love to come, but he had to pick up clients at Newark airport late that night. I didn’t know anything about David’s work or who his clients might be, but I’ve always been a more-the-merrier kind of girl, so I said “Bring them!” He said he’d see, and I forgot all about it.

The party was a great success, but just as it was starting to wind down, the front door opened, and in walked a group of gorgeous strangers, followed by David. My memory might have enhanced the moment a bit, but when I think of this night, I remember them all looking about 7 feet tall, beautiful, and dressed head to toe in glorious African prints. In melodious accents, they thanked me for the invitation, beamed at everyone, admired everything, took the drinks and food I offered, and began to make music. And suddenly, no one wanted to leave. The whole party gravitated toward my little music room, sitting on the stairs, leaning on the walls (I think I actually sat on the floor in my fancy dress), grinning, swaying, singing, humming, clapping, and making music together. I later learned my surprise guests were in town to perform with Paul Simon on his Graceland tour. That party has been one of my most cherished memories for more than three decades.

Last night, Beloved and I had a welcome home dinner with a good friend at Thai Rock, a local restaurant known for its great food and wonderful live music. The band, Bakithi Kumalo & The South African All-Stars, was alternating between jazz and South African music. After getting our table, we looked them up and learned Bakithi was one of the musicians who worked on Graceland with Paul Simon all those years ago! The girls convinced me to talk to him, and so when they took a break up I went. And three decades later, this lovely man (who is not, as it turns out, 7 feet tall) remembered me and the party! We had a great evening talking to him and listening to the band. I feel like the universe delivered me a welcome home present!

BK is still working with Paul Simon, and he is involved with Stevie Wonder’s farewell tour, too, so I am hopeful we can catch him in one of those shows.

You can follow the amazing, the stupendous, the magnificent (I might be a little biased) bassist/singer/songwriter Bakithi Kumalo on his website. And just for fun, here’s a little of what made BK famous and what makes him so special.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

30 thoughts on “A Warm Welcome

  1. I LOVE this so much! It really is a welcome home present:) I hope you get to catch them in concert!<3

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  2. Wow! An amazing story about the party, then this to welcome you home. Wonderful!!

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  3. Such absolutely wonderful memories!

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  4. What an incredible coincidence and a lovely gift from the cosmos or whatever. Profoundly annoying as it must have been for you and Beloved to have your return to your home delayed so much, it seems the timing for your house-warming celebration was perfect.

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  5. WOW!! WOW!! Always, thank you for just awesome shares!!

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  6. What an amazing experience and so cool you reconnected after all these years.

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  7. Wow! Such awesome memories. Very happy for you.

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  8. Fantastic!! How lucky you must feel!! I *love* the Graceland album, BTW! I think I wore it out on my record player, back when it first came out.

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  9. This is such a beautifully sweet story. Isn’t it wonderful how life sometimes goes for us? I bet you have a very special place in your heart for these happenings. Thanks for sharing it.

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  11. The memory brain cells are dancing. This was a great age. Hal

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