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Tiny Art Show!


Tiny Art Show

Combining two of the things I love the most – art and tiny stuff – the Tiny Art Show is far-and-away my favorite new thing! Exhibition-goers wait behind tiny ropes for their chance to oogle the wonderful, diminutive pieces, then get to snack on wee treats which are so small, I’m not even sure they count as calories! This delicious event is the brainchild of Utah-based artist McKay Lenker Bayer.

“Tiny Art Show is a community art project that installs miniature art shows in unexpected places. Each miniature exhibition features a different local artist in a new location. You might stumble upon one in a dressing room at a boutique or in a storage closet in your favorite bookstore. The art can be no larger than 3″ x 3″, and it hangs just a few inches off the ground. These shows maybe be small, but they have the quality and talent of any art exhibition. Each show is complete with an artist statement, mini booklets about the show, and magnify glasses.
Each tiny show starts off with an opening reception, where anywhere between 200-500 people wait in line to check out the tiny art, meet the artist, and snack on miniature treats. Since this project began in October of 2018, every single one of our eight shows have sold out.

“Tiny Art Show aims to make viewing and collecting local art more fun and accessible. We also hope to bring a little magic and childlike wonder to everyday life.”

-McKay Lenker Bayer

That’s an awful lot of magic to pack in such a tiny event. I am completely tickled by the idea of giant-seeming people waiting in line behind a tiny barrier. My only objection is that the art is hung so low, it’s essentially inaccessible by older people.

You can follow the Tiny Art Show on Facebook and Instagram. And if you’re in the Los Angeles area, the show opens tomorrow (3/30/19) at the Los Angeles County Store!

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

12 thoughts on “Tiny Art Show!

  1. I love tiny ,but on the floor? I get the idea but it does knock out some of us.

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  2. Back in the 40’s my grandmother had about 20 thimbles that some artist had painted on. I ‘think’ all of them were tiny flowers. Today’s post made me remember those good times. Thanks — Hal

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    • I had an elderly neighbor who had a collection of painted thimbles. She didn’t see very well by then, so she’d take me around and ask me to describe each one. Then she’d tell me where it came from. We must have passed a hundred hours like that. What a lovely woman she was.

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  3. The artwork is all entirely delightful but I am in complete agreement with you regarding the placement of the items within the gallery. My pregnancies destroyed my pelvis so I make “oooft!” noises just getting in and out of the car. If I got down on the floor to study some paintings, I would never be able to get back up with any semblance of dignity and would just have to roll out of the door like some elephant seal.

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  4. Absolutely fascinating. I would love to see one of these exhibits. I agree with your comment about being hung too low. Not only seniors, but anyone with mobility issues. I am going to follow in Instagram.

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