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Ugly Xmas





While researching my latest poke at some of Etsy’s more ridiculous poses, I came across the hilarious, jubilant, ninja-level awkward poses in the Etsy shop UglyXmas, and realized 1. they are in on the joke, and 2. I want to hang out with them. Oh, and 3. They need their own post. These lovely people are working so hard to sell us Christmassy vintage clothing, they deserve a medal! Take a look at shop owner Amanda Michaels’ bio:

“This is really a family affair. Our family moto is ‘If we cant laugh at you, what good are you?’ With that said, you can tell from our shop that we have a great sense of humor and a great love of Christmas in all its wonderful and cheesy forms. We hope that you and your family can have as much fun in these wild and wacky Christmas get ups, as we had sourcing and presenting them to you.”

And they’re catching on! I heard from the sellers that this month, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon bought their pink 80s bow sweater.

So gather the family, go put on your ugly Christmas sweaters (and if you don’t already own them, now you know where to get them), take out the camera, and JUMP! And don’t miss their Instagram and Facebook pages!

All images property of UglyXmas, used with permission.



Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

12 thoughts on “Ugly Xmas

  1. these are a riot! Kind of like the ‘modeling’ poses you do in your bedroom…..well, maybe some people do….

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  2. Intentionally ugly Christmas clothing is one of my greatest Christmas annoyances (that and Wham!). As if Christmas weren’t kitschy enough. I get it. It’s ironic. But ugly is ugly and we got enough ugly.

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  3. The poses are entirely awesome. I love it. I also like their curation of the outfits so that there’s maximum clashing to be created in each image. I’d never heard of “ugly sweaters” as a tradition until moving to America. We did have some ugly sweaters (jumpers as we call them) in the U.K. but there was no deliberate intent, just sincere bad taste. Thanks for the chuckle. I so needed this laugh today.

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  4. I feel violated. And giggly. At the same time. Where would we (and that family) be without Etsy?

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