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2017 Holiday Gift Guide – the Super-Specific Edition


I know. You’re still trying to get the glitter from your Halloween costume out of your eyebrows, and here I am, hitting you with holiday nonsense. But we now shop in a truly global marketplace, and shipping time can be upward of 6 weeks, so I figured we’d better get started. And anyway, nothing gets glitter out of eyebrows but time, so you may as well check this out while you wait.

In my gift guides, I usually categorize recipients by fairly general categories; fashionistas, artists, foodies, musicians, executives, etc. But this time, I thought I’d try and define just the right person for each of these very special gifts. They’re just little things, all under $60, and some no more than stocking stuffers. But modest though they are, I think they’d make a big impact if given to the just right person.

For example, if you’re waiting for the holidays to ask your beloved to move in with you, I think this would really help you make your case! And what artist wouldn’t love a scarf based on original artwork like this beauty? And if you have a friend in law enforcement who recently had a baby, this would undoubtedly be a cherished gift. Like I said, this year is very specific. Hope you find some of the people on your list here!

Important note: I get no money from these lovely people. I just love their stuff. They don’t know me. We haven’t spoken. I just found their things and went ooh.

For that friend who still uses a real camera

For the lover of wee things

For that one friend who has an Apple Watch

For your favorite cocktail curator (add these)

For your best bearded friend

For your favorite game night party friends

For that friend who spends every day at the beach looking for sea glass

For the budding gardener

For the friends who are generous with their beach house

For your favorite tomboy

For the apartment dwellers on your list (because we rarely have a bathtub)

For the D.I.L.F. in your life

For that Instagram addict you know

For your little mermaids

For your favorite boss (free U.S. shipping through 12/31!)

For that one big Star Trek fan on your list

For that not-so-crazy cat lady

For your favorite stoner

There’s not a teenage girl who doesn’t want this

A great way to get kids to want to hang up their coat!

For that friend with the notorious sweet tooth

For your always-fashionable friend

For that one friend you have with the long, gorgeous hair

For your favorite chef

For the stylish college student (Use coupon “DONNA” for 15% off!)

For your favorite tiny tea party host

For your badass friend

For the art-and-earth lover

For the newlyweds

For the kite lover (with a sense of humor)

For your New Year’s Eve hosts

For your favorite sushi buddy

For your sculptor friend

For your most lovable Grinch

For the budding ballerina

For your friend dealing with health struggles

For the green thumb without a garden

For your work wife

For your oenophiles

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

27 thoughts on “2017 Holiday Gift Guide – the Super-Specific Edition

  1. Thanks for the great ideas = loved reading and looking at each one = Hal

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  2. Wow, Donna. This list is incredible. And oh, yes, please–that hand-crafted camera strap. Did I tell you my birthday is next month? 🙂

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  3. I love this list and I may start using your OBT idea on my blog but with poetry. Wonderful thought!

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  4. Thanks for including one of my pieces in your impeccably curated holiday gift guide!

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  5. Your selection is always fun. I love that globe paperweight in particular and I have favourited the mermaid soaps and several other fun soaps in that Etsy store.

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  6. What about for your friend who would rather ride a bike that use any other mode of transportation?

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  7. Thank you for including one of our pieces in your curated holiday gift guide!

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  8. Good stuff here.

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  9. So many good choices, thank you1

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  10. OMG – you give us so much!

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  11. You put a lot of time into this! Thank you.

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