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Joining the Circus



Growing up, my family had a connection to Ringling Brothers Circus. This meant that every time it passed through New York, we got to go. But although I have always been a fiend for performance and costumes and stagecraft and animals, the circus never really wowed me. The annual trips backstage left me weirdly unmoved. Yes, I wasn’t unhappy to be there, but let’s just say I was never inspired to run away and join the circus.

Fast forward to Alegria, my very first Cirque du Soleil show. In sharp contrast to my underwhelming childhood circus memories, I have sense memories of sitting through the entire spectacle with my jaw on the floor. The performances, the design, the costumes, the music, and THAT SINGER all completely blew me away. It is one of the great tragedies of my life that by then, I was a bit too long in the tooth to run away and join the circus.

So here is my beloved Cirque du Soleil, in all their glory. Their later shows may have had more spectacle, but though I have loved them, too, none got under my skin to the same degree that Alegria did.

Here is a video of the entire show, though I suspect it’s one of those that the rightful owners will swoop in and take down, so if you’re interested, I recommend you watch it sooner rather than later. If you enjoy it, it’s part of a playlist I have up on YouTube with all the full-length Cirque du Soleil recordings I could find. That ought to keep us out of trouble for a bit!

And of course, I had to go hunting for behind-the-scenes stuff. Enjoy!

Okay, I couldn’t resist one more. This is from another of their shows, Quidam, and it’s really stuck with me all these years. It was the first time I’d ever seen anyone perform on the silks, and it is still one of the most gorgeous (and crotchiest) things I’ve ever seen on stage.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

25 thoughts on “Joining the Circus

  1. I have a mild phobia of circuses which is directly linked to my massive phobia of clowns. I was psychologically scarred by a childhood trip to a wretched circus in Aberdeen. I would, however, love to see Cirque de Soleil. The skill, choreography, costumes, and set design all look amazing.

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  2. So beautiful and graceful. It seems like she doesn’t have a bone in her body. I am in such an awe. Thank you for bringing some new beauty into our day.

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  3. salut

    2018-04-24 11:00 GMT+01:00 My OBT :

    > Donna from MyOBT posted: ” Growing up, my family had a connection to > Ringling Brothers Circus. This meant that every time it passed through New > York, we got to go. But although I have always been a fiend for performance > and costumes and stagecraft and animals, the circus never re” >

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  4. It was always one of my dreams to see Cirque de Soleil as well. When I sold my former house, I found out they were coming to my (then) town so used part of my meager profit to buy tickets. I have never regretted it. They were magnificant!

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  5. Alegria was also my first Cirque show, and it left a lasting impression on me. My all time favorite Cirque will always be the show Varekai, with it’s gorgeous aerial straps act preformed by the Atherton twins (the best bit begins at 2:43).

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  6. Absolutely mesmerizing!

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  7. I had the same experience at my first Cirque show. I’ve seen every one (it’s worth a trip to Vegas to see O and Love… are they still there?). And I totally wanted to run away and join THAT circus! ❤️

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  8. She must be made of rubber. The talent is out of this world. but…didn’t they just recently have a terrible accident?

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    • Absolutely. I guess that’s the life of an aerialist. The accident in Vegas was due to failed equipment, but the one in Tampa was an unfortunate case of the aerialist letting go at the wrong moment. Truly tragic, and must have been so horrible for the poor audience and cast. I have known trapeze artists, and they almost never perform with a net or a cable. Terrifying.

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  9. Long time ago one or two of their shows was on cable TV. I was in Vegas two times and I just did not have $125.00 to sit so far away your would have trouble actually seeing them. Close were $150.00 to $200.00. So, I have never seen them live. I was able to see some wonderful outdoor, I think more entertainment that actually circus acts. The shot out of a canon. The bending pole. those kinds and shows. No animals but really breathtaking, outdoor arts. I was there to see the gentleman that blew himself up with dynamite. Because I knew somebody in the show, I knew how the dynamite worked. Thanks for the videos. Hal

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  10. Gorgeous costume & stage design! I wonder if you – and many other Americans – know that the Cirque originated here in the province of Quebec, Canada? And that their international headquarters are here in Montreal?

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  11. One of the doctors we visit on a frequent basis has Cirque du Soleil shows playing in his waiting room. I assume they are meant to be soothing (?) based on the other videos he has playing but to me the Cirque shows are amazing and exciting. And YES! a no animal circus is more humane, fun, and less smelly!


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